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enforcement sources who tell us that a man by the name of kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi has been arrested in connection with these letters that have tested positive for ricin that have been sent to -- addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. sources early on in the investigation were telling us that it was somebody from mississippi, from senator wicker's home state and the fbi bulletin that we have been reporting from that we obtained early today says the two letters that were sent were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message. k.c. may translate to kenneth curtis it is unclear when charges will be filed. whether it will be later tonight or tomorrow. but, again, to recap, several federal law enforcement sources say arrest has been made. kenneth curtis from tupelo, mississippi. we are gathering facts as quickly as possible. bill? >> bill: mike, throughout the day, you have been reporting that whomever was the person who mailed these letters apparently -- he was pretty well known among legislators there on the house and the senate side. s so doss thi
was intercepted yesterday. the secret service says the man, kenneth curtis sent both letters. officials say signed with initials kc. nannette miranda has been looking at the security officers screen mail sent to our capitol and reports now from sacramento. >> this is where letters are sorted out by staff. >> at california state capitol they use these security procedures for mail coming into the governor's, state lawmakers and other leaders as feds do. tony beard says it's screened first for things like ricin and anthrax before mail ever gets to the capitol rail mail room. >> just technology but also a combination of skills we teach people. there are fbi protocols to follow. >> the procedures work with washington, d.c.. they were discovered in the off site location. the screening doesn't work that. is where training can provide protection. >> there is a fine line between threatening and having a right to disagree. >> nothing chemical has been detected in mail sent to late leaders. >> state senator has been targeted several times. reese yeently by an engineer who police say sent death threats to the
como risino, pablo sánchez con el informe. >>> un sospechoso identificado como kenneth curtis ha sido arrestado en el caso de las dos cartas contaminadas con el veneno ricino que causaron consternación en la capital del país, a escasas horas de las explosiones en boston, dos edificios del capitolio fueron puestos bajo alerta. >>> las autoridades interceptaron una carta para el presidente barack obama con una sustancia sospechosa, la misiva se tramitó en una instalac. aparte de la residencia presidencial, además se agregó que se necesitarán otros análisis, en el capitolio se vivieron momentos de confusión. >>> me llamó una persona y me dijo que saliéramos del edificio. >>> sin embargo las oficinas volvieron al poco tiempo a la normalidad. >>> como vimos el día de ayer la carta ni siquiera llegó al senador . >>> anoche el senador republicano de mississipi fue destnatario de una misiva similar que también contenía ricino, ambas cartas tenían el mismo mensaje, ver algo incorrecto y no denunciarlo es asociarse silenciosamente, y fueron firmadas con las iniciales kc añadiend
kenneth curtis. joining me is washington post reporter ed o'keefe. what can you tell me about the arrest investigation in d.c.? >> we know an arrest was made today. and the fact that this happened so quickly, we seem to get a sense yesterday they were moving in on someone because senators who were briefed on this yesterday afternoon were told that the suspect they believed had done this was someone who had written to government officials in the past. having tracked suspicious mail cases for a few years, i can tell you there are several different people out there that the u.s. postal investigation, the fbi and the police track on a basis. they can track the handwriting, the style of writing and the materials sent. in this case they were able to move quickly and find this guy, paul kenneth curtis, who lived in this mississippi area. >> we talked to the people down there and they tell us he's an elvis impersonator. his facebook page says he's a self-proclaimed mensa expert. he has a beef with washington. >> and that's typical with the people who send in this mail on a regular basis. there w
.c. according to this arrest tonight may translate to kenneth curtis. of course, he has not been convicted of anything so far. but we are told last night by sources very carefully that arrest warrants may be issued today. they had a good idea that this guy came from the state of mississippi. was a frequent letter writer to federal officials here in washington so the tone of the letters did not surprise them. the contents of the letters testing positive, at least initially for ricin was a surprise. but the important news, the good news for people here on capitol hill who were terrorized by letters 12 years ago was the fact that essentially that these were captured, alarms went off at offsite facilities so these got nowhere close to the capital complex. nowhere close to the white house. nowhere close to the president of the united states or this republican senator roger wicker of mississippi, bill? >> bill: mike, thank you. i want to bring in greta van susteren. greta is a lawyer. investigated plenty of crimes. she is in the studio getting ready for "on the record" at 10:00 eastern time. wha
himself. we have an arrest now i understand of a man named kenneth curtis from mississippi on that case. can you tell us the latest on that? >> the letters were sent to an army laboratory for testing because these initial field tests are often inaccurate. what i'm told is that after doing 24 to 36 hours' worth of lab tests, they have a sort of mixed picture on it, that the tests show it's something, but they don't know the potency of it. is it really dangerous levels of ricin or is it merely sort of a junior league version of it and they are trying to find out whether it really is dangerous or not. so, they are doing more testing. in the meantime, you're right, they have arrested this suspect in mississippi. it's someone that they've been watching closely for the past 24 hours or so, because they had thought as of last night this was the person who sent the letters. it's someone who's written to congress many times before, well known to the capital police, so we just don't know whether this guy's going to be appearing in court tonight to face the charges or whether that will be tomorrow
into our newsroom, federal agents say kenneth curtis of mississippi has been arrested as the suspect connected to poison letters recently mailed to president obama and a u.s. senator. both those letters tested positive for ricin. ricin is a deadly poison made from castor beans. it can kill within 36 hours and there's no known antidote. an fbi spokesperson says at this point they don't believe the letters are related to the attacks in boston and what's happening there. >> new details and new accusations are being made tonight in the audrey pott case, this time against her school, saratoga high. pott is the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide. her family says it was as a result of a sexual assault and bullying at the hands of three male classmates. her family has just filed a claim which could be a precursor to a lawsuit against the saratoga union high school district. more live from san jose. >> reporter: good evening. this is what's called a governor claim. it is required if the family wants to pursue legal action against the school distribute t.outlines new allegations against sc
that tested positive for ricin is under arrest tonight. a law enforcement source says they arrested kenneth curtis who they believe is from tupelo, mississippi. roger wicker in mississippi received one of those letters believed to be curtis. lab tests are being conducted and results are expected in 48 hours. ricin is a highly toxic compound. >>> tonight new questions and accusations involving the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after being allegedly sexually assaulted and bullied by three teenaged boys. they were all classmates at sarah toga high school. the los gatos school issued a report saying, audrey never reported being bullied. her parents say they met with school administrators several times asking the young men be expelled. >> the bullying occurred on campus between students. then that's something that the school perhaps should have prevented. >> the family accuses the school district of being more interested in protecting its image than taking responsibility for its lack of action. the district says it shares a common responsibility to stand up and speak out about harassing
the other reason that the f.b.i. sees no connection to boston is a matter of timing. kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi, has been taken into custody and charged with sending the letters. the f.b.i. believes curtis has sent over letters with similar content to other members of congress in the past and that pattern helped lead to this arrest. the presence of small amounts of ricin in these letters has now been confirmed. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: britain said goodbye today to the iron lady, margaret thatcher. her funeral at st. paul's cathedral was attended by queen elizabeth and dignitaries from 170 countries, including three former u.s. secretaries of state. thatcher was great britain's first female prime minister. she died of a stroke last week at 87. there has been an arrest now in the murders of two texas prosecutors. we'll have that next. if you have high cholesterol, here's some information that may be worth looking into. in a clinical trial versus lipitor, crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. getting to goal is i
as kenneth curtis of mississippi and may appear in court later tonight. two letters were intercepted, one to president obama and one to roger wicker. let me go back to you on this, clint. what do you make of this case? there's something about these bombings where they seem to lead to -- it just seems to -- like snakes travel in pairs, we get the ricin case and cases like these. >> he signed the letters, this is kc and i approve this message. that doesn't take a whole lot of heavy lifting to match up this guy whose name you just said in the initial kc. i think it's logical to find out that it's probably not ricin. it's probably another false positive. in this abundance of caution especially because of boston, you have to take these things serious. was there any connection between the two, likely not. >> i think somebody stirs up the nuts in cases like this because we had anthrax last time that got to talk brokaw and the former leader -- i forget his name. >> tom daschle. >> thank you, michael leiter and thank you clint and jonathan. >>> coming up, we're going to talk to deval patrick. we'l
is identified as paul kenneth curtis. for more we go live to washington d.c. for the very latest with mike. >> sean, good evening. fbi announced an arrest in this case this evening. today at approximately 5:00 p.m. special time special agents arrested paul kevin curtis, the individual believed to be responsible for the mailings of the three letters sent through the u.s. postal inspection service which contained a granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. the letters were addressed to president obama, senator rodger wicker and a judge in that state. they are likely sent from a writer who is a frequent writer to federal officials. two letters were quite similar. both letters determined to be similar based on targets, post marks and et cetera. both are postmarked out of memphis, tennessee on april 8, 2013. both letters signed, quote, i am k. c. and i approve this message." at the white house here is jay carney's take. >> there was a letter. the off-site facility feeted a suspicious substance and a test was undertaken. the fbi has the lead this that investigation. >> wit
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)